We have two quantum demonstrators that have been working for a cumulative 24 months with no unplanned downtime.

Alice highlights:

  • A cryogenic cooling system to place and maintain the QPU at 3 Kelvin operating temperature using a commercial closed-cycle Helium cryocooler
  • The cryo-assembly is connected via a 96-wire flex circuit board to an FPGA at room temperature through an intermediate cooling stage at 77 Kelvin.
  • The cryogenic system is housed in a custom vacuum and heatshield housing and is integrated into a 32U 19” rack with a vacuum pump and an industrial controller
  • An integrated Linux server runs equal1’s Python-based QPU software suite.
  • PCB boards include a high-performance FPGA with high-performance cabling and connectors that ensure minimum noise and high signal integrity to deliver signals to and from the quantum core.
  • Alice incorporates everything needed to put our qubits in the optimum environment and to communicate with the outside world

Equal1’s engineering teams have designed this complete system. Talk to us about access to Alice to try it out yourself. Arrange trial