Machine learning for AI

As we believe machine learning will be the first area to be transformed by quantum computing, our team works hard to make this a reality. Training an AI neural network is extremely energy-intensive, putting the world on an exponential cost curve as our dependency on AI drives greater performance expectations. Without intervention, estimates show that within the next ten years, the power consumption of computing devices could reach 60% of the total amount of energy produced globally. REF  While AI has brought and will continue to bring immense benefits, it is quickly becoming unsustainable. Quantum AI can solve this problem, and equal1’s quantum machine learning platform offers a path to a cost-effective solution.



Higher Intelligence with a greener and more cost-effective footprint. A win-win for all.

Our first product is Alice – a rack-sized machine with an equal1-designed, fully integrated quantum processing unit that includes a 424-quantum dot array and all supporting control and readout electronics on-chip.



Yes, you read that right. We are the first company to have a working fully integrated QPU, and we are already demonstrating its potential. Please get in touch for more information.