Equal1 Quantum Processors

Equal1 is the first quantum company to successfully fabricate quantum processors on standard commercial CMOS processes. CMOS is the only technology that can commercially and technically scale to millions of qubits needed for high-performance quantum computing in the short term.

We build quantum silicon on top of the trillions of dollars already invested in commercial fabs. Our model is highly efficient as we don’t need to invest in building dedicated quantum manufacturing processes.

We are the leading patent holders in quantum-on-chip technologies integrating qubits, error correction, and control microelectronics onto a single chip.


One Million Spin
Qubits On-Chip

CMOS is the only technology to technically and commercially scale to the millions of spin qubits required for high-performance quantum computing in the short term.

On-Chip Error

On-chip dedicated logic and AI generative error correction models produce high-fidelity quibits.

Integrated control microelectronics

On-chip integrated control, measurement and ready-out operate at quantum speed across a million qubits.

Equal1 computer hardware

Quantum-on-Chip integration changes the rules when it comes to deploying quantum computers.

​Standard server form factor

Unlike other quantum technologies, which require building dedicated computing and cooling infrastructure, Equal1 computers integrate into standard rack configurations, enabling on-premise and Cloud deployment.

Integration transforms efficiency

Equal1 computers are 130X smaller than competing quantum technologies and 1,000X smaller than classical HPC computers with equivalent computational performance. Equal1 computers require 100X less cooling, translating directly into lower capital and operating costs.