Quantum-on-Chip Scalable Quantum Computing

Equal1 is the first quantum company to leverage the decades-long investment and innovation in silicon processing, utilizing a commercial CMOS process for our Quantum-on-Chip processors. With the recent advent of nanometer-scale geometries, commercial silicon processing has now reached “quantum readiness.” Our integrated single chip QPU (quantum processing unit) leverages cutting-edge processes that enable us to scale our qubits to quickly and cost-effectively make quantum computing a reality.

Equal1 quantum silicon completely disrupts quantum computing.

The only viable path to commercial quantum is to offer a collective solution for scaling, error correction, control, repeatability and temperature challenges. With the Equal1 quantum-on-chip processor, quantum qubits, control and read-out are integrated on the same chip. This fundamentally transforms the scalability, cost, power consumption and form-factor of quantum computers – quickly enabling real world applications.

CryoCMOS is the only technology that can scale qubits to the millions needed for real-world applications

With decades of expertise in complex CMOS integrated circuits, our team has been involved with some of the most iconic products that have enabled markets in the billions. We have taken this expertise and applied to quantum. As well as all control electronics, we integrate active quantum error correction right at the qubits, enabling high data rate real-world problems to be solved. Then we combine this with state-of-the-art cryo memory, tensor processor and high-speed communications to bring quantum to commercial reality.