Silicon Qubit Technology

Equal1 is the first quantum company to exploit a commercial CMOS process for our qubits. With the recent advent of nanometer-scale geometries, commercial silicon processing has now reached “quantum readiness.” Using a commercial semiconductor process, equal1 takes advantage of silicon processing’s unparalleled scalability. The qubit concept used by equal1 uses a fully depleted silicon of isolator technology (FD-SOI). We design the qubits in an undoped silicon film with the barriers between the quantum dots generated through the high dielectric constant gate oxide under the gate. We minimize the barrier height and the barrier length to ensure fast qubit state change times. Our qubits will have short coherence times due to our operating temperature (3.2K) and our use of a commercial standard CMOS process. We do not operate at the mK temperatures required for other qubit technologies due to our integrated drivers and detectors and FD-SOI’s fast gate state switching times. We also ensure low power consumption due to the high impedance interfaces between the qubits and the integrated driver/detector electronics. We have taken advantage of the decades-long investment and innovation in silicon processing to enable us to scale our qubits quickly and inexpensively to make quantum computing a reality.


Figure 1: Quantum Dot Double V (QEC220) (Side View)


Figure 2: Quantum Dot Double V (QEC220) (Top View)