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Chips with everything: Ireland's Semiconductor Story

In its article about the semiconductor industry in Ireland, IDA Ireland takes a look at Equal1's "new way of developing quantum computing."

Equal1 CEO Jason Lynch told IDA Ireland that Equal1 aims to make quantum computing widely accessible and has developed technology which integrates all elements of a quantum computer onto a single silicon chip.

He goes on to describe the company’s vision as “disruptive” because it doesn’t require the same low temperatures needed for other quantum computers, and its systems are compatible with today’s data centres. Its technology can be integrated into existing chip production lines, with some modifications.

The article discusses the history of Ireland's semiconductor industry, with a 50-year legacy in electronics, and the EU Chips Act, which aims to double Europe's chip production by 2030, fostering significant investment and job creation.

According to IDA Ireland, major players like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm have substantial operations in Ireland. The sector's growth is supported by robust R&D, university-industry collaborations, and initiatives like the Tyndall National Institute, positioning Ireland as a key player in semiconductor innovation and production.


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