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Equal1 at Forefront of Ireland's 'Quantum 2030' National Strategy

Equal1 has an integral role in 'Quantum 2030 - A National Quantum Technologies Strategy' for Ireland, a strategy for quantum technologies recently announced by the Irish government.

Quantum computing is a profoundly important and strategic technology with significant disruptive potential. The technology is anticipated to revolutionize various fields, from drug discovery and new materials to innovative climate change solutions, as well as advancements in financial services, cybersecurity, and the development of a quantum internet. As a result, governments and private investors globally are investing billions of euros as companies and nations compete to achieve quantum advantage.

This National Quantum Technologies Strategy for Ireland outlines a vision to position Ireland as an internationally competitive hub in quantum technologies by 2030, aligning with Equal1's mission at the forefront of scientific and engineering advances. The focus of the strategy is on research, talent, collaboration and innovation.

Fortunately, Ireland boasts a highly interconnected quantum community. Our capabilities and strengths across the full quantum stack far exceed expectations for the country's size. This is complemented by the presence in Ireland of many of the world's largest quantum technology enterprises.


"As we embrace Ireland's 'Quantum 2030' strategy, Equal1 is excited to be at the forefront, driving advancements in quantum computing. This strategy is not just a roadmap for national progress; it's a testament to Ireland's potential as a global quantum hub.

Our commitment at Equal1 is to push the boundaries of what's possible in quantum technology, aligning our innovative spirit with the nation's vision."

Jason Lynch, CEO, Equal1.


The National Quantum Technologies Strategy for Ireland has four distinct pillars, with one additional entangled pillar interacting with all four pillars.

Pillar 1: Advance quantum research through supporting exceptional fundamental and applied studies in Ireland, driving breakthroughs and innovation.

Pillar 2: Cultivate top quantum science, engineering and technology talent, focusing on agility, innovation and high skills.

Pillar 3: Enhance national and international collaboration to tackle large-scale quantum technology challenges and investments, sharing knowledge and practices globally.

Pillar 4: Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in quantum technologies, especially in SMEs, and strengthen academia-industry collaborations for economic competitiveness.

Pillar 5: Increase awareness of quantum technologies and their real-world applications, aiming for a quantum-literate society that maximizes these benefits.

Equal1 at the forefront of Ireland's 'Quantum 2030' national strategy

Equal1's journey exemplifies the advancement of quantum research in Ireland, aligning with pillars 1-4 by supporting exceptional studies, nurturing top talent in quantum science and technology, and fostering global collaboration to address major challenges in quantum technology.

Founded by Dr. Dirk Leipold, Prof. Robert Bogdan Staszewski (an SFI Research Professor of Electronic Circuits at UCD), and Mike Asker, with current Chief Scientific Officer Elena Blokhina as an Associate Professor in UCD's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Equal1 has emerged as a leader in quantum technology.

The company, originating from deep research at University College Dublin (UCD), is now headquartered in Dublin, extending its reach with facilities in Silicon Valley, California, Romania and Canada. Supported by Atlantic Bridge, Enterprise Ireland, Matterwave and the European Innovation Council, Equal1 is at the forefront of shaping the future of quantum computing globally.

Over the past five years, Equal1 has solidified its position as a leader in quantum computing, having developed seven quantum silicon chips, demonstrating its leadership as the most scalable approach to quantum computing.

Equal1 Quantum System-on-a-chip processor

Central to this achievement is Equal1's breakthrough in Quantum System-on-a-Chip (QSoC) processors. These processors revolutionize quantum computing by integrating entire systems into a single chip, combining millions of qubits, integrated measurement and control systems, and real-time error correction.

Manufactured using standard foundry processes, these QSoCs set new standards for performance and efficiency in a remarkably compact form factor.

Equal1's latest innovation further exemplifies this technological leadership: a groundbreaking quantum computer housed in a standard 4U server form factor. This design seamlessly fits into existing high-performance computing ecosystems, offering a practical, space-saving, and power-efficient quantum computing solution for onsite applications.

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