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Equal1 Celebrates World Quantum Day and Ireland's Growing Quantum Ecosystem

On World Quantum Computing Day, Equal1, an Irish-based leader in silicon-powered quantum computing, joins the global celebration of quantum advancements and highlights the thriving quantum community in Ireland, fostered by Enterprise Ireland's and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).

World Quantum Day: Demystifying Quantum

World Quantum Day is an annual international event held on April 14th to promote awareness of quantum science and technology. The date has special significance, as 4.14 reflects the first three digits of the Planck constant, a cornerstone of quantum physics. This constant explains how energy is exchanged in tiny packets known as quanta, a concept that underpins how quantum computers operate.

The Power of Quantum: Understanding the Basics

At the heart of quantum computing lies the Planck constant. This fundamental value explains how energy is exchanged in tiny packets known as quanta, a principle that enables quantum computers to achieve unprecedented speeds. While traditional computers use bits (0 or 1), quantum computers use qubits, which can exist in multiple states simultaneously, enabling them to solve complex problems beyond the reach of traditional computers.

Transformative Potential for Industries

Quantum computers hold the key to breakthroughs in fields like:

  • Drug Discovery: Accelerating the design of lifesaving medications

  • Materials Science: Revolutionising the creation of advanced materials

  • Finance: Unlocking new optimization strategies

  • Scientific Discovery: Tackling problems from AI to the mysteries of the universe

  • Climate and Environmental Science: Enhancing climate modelling and forecasts to better predict and mitigate impacts and facilitating the discovery of new materials for environmental sustainability

The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund: Driving Quantum Innovation

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund, administered by Enterprise Ireland, is a €500 million initiative, and has been instrumental in supporting the growth of Ireland's quantum sector. The 2020 Quantum Computing in Ireland (QCoIr) project, largely funded by DTIF, united leading Irish researchers and enterprises like Equal1 to lay the groundwork for a robust quantum ecosystem.

This €11.1 million project brought together a powerful consortium of partners from academia (Tyndall National Institute, Maynooth University, University College Dublin) and the enterprise world. Participants included multinationals like IBM and Mastercard, alongside leading start-ups, most prominently Equal1. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for a robust quantum ecosystem in Ireland.

Jason Lynch, CEO of Equal1, said: "Enterprise Ireland's support through the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund has been transformative for Equal1. This support enabled us to advance our Quantum System-on-Chip technology, collaborate with other leading quantum organizations, partner with universities, and hire critical talent. With backing from organisations like Enterprise Ireland, Ireland is emerging as a key player in the quantum space. Ongoing collaboration between hardware and software companies, along with end-users, is essential to fully harness the potential of quantum technologies."

Marina Donohoe, Head of Research & Innovation at Enterprise Ireland, said:

“Enterprise Ireland is proud to support Ireland’s quantum computing sector through the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund. The DTIF is a crucial source of support to drive collaboration between Ireland’s world-class research base and industry, allowing Irish businesses to undertake projects that have the potential to disrupt markets and create new business opportunities.

In its mission to make quantum computing technology accessible to all, Equal1 is a great example of how DTIF funding can support Irish innovation to create groundbreaking solutions for global issues.”

About Equal1

Founded by experts in quantum physics and semiconductors, Equal1 aims to democratise quantum computing by making it accessible and affordable with its innovative quantum silicon technology. By integrating the entire quantum computing system onto a single chip, Equal1 significantly reduces the size and cost of quantum computers, transforms their performance and scalability, and opens up a world of possibilities in sectors like pharmaceuticals, finance, materials science, and more.

Equal1 is supported by funding from Atlantic Bridge (, Matterwave Ventures (, Enterprise Ireland (, European Innovation Council ( and 808 Ventures ( More at


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