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Equal1 Expertise Tapped for “Quantum Computing and AI” Panel

At the recent Create the Future Summit 2024, Dr. Imran Bashir, Vice-President of Analog Engineering at Equal1, was invited to participate in the panel discussion "Quantum Computing and AI." The panel explored near-term applications of quantum computing in the era of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum), particularly focusing on tasks that can aid artificial intelligence (AI).

The discussion opened with an assessment of the current state of hardware across various modalities and critical performance metrics. Dr. Bashir emphasized the critical importance of scaling and fault-tolerant operation in a quantum computer to drive innovation in the industry, especially in the context of semiconductor qubits. Understanding this importance, Equal1 has designed the UnityQ Quantum Silicon on Chip (QSoC), which integrates onto a single silicon chip the entire quantum computing ecosystem—measurement, control, readout, and error correction. This QSoC will scale to tens of thousands of error-corrected logical qubits, enabling powerful and reliable quantum computers.

The panel also examined real-world applications that quantum computers could tackle shortly. Dr. Bashir highlighted examples of Hamiltonian simulations modeling molecular structures and their environmental interactions. These simulations can be used in material discovery for a range of applications, including solar cells, nitrogen fixation, and carbon capture.

Additionally, the panel underscored the necessity of public and private partnerships to advance the quantum computing industry. The group also emphasized the crucial role of educational institutions in developing programs to prepare the quantum workforce for future challenges.


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