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Equal1's Quantum Leap: Silicon-Based Computing for Tomorrow

 At the recent Q2B Silicon Valley 2024 conference, Equal1 CEO Jason Lynch reflected on the state of play in quantum computing and Equal1's transformative vision for silicon-based quantum solutions: Equal1 Q2B presentation.


Equal1's Foundational Belief


Equal1 firmly believes silicon will play a central role in quantum computing's future, just as it has with traditional computing. Citing Moore's Law and the trillions invested in silicon technology, Jason argues that quantum's next breakthrough will occur through advanced silicon solutions.


Rethinking Quantum Infrastructure: Simplicity is Key


Equal1 challenges the notion that quantum computing necessitates complex, standalone infrastructure. The company embraces the philosophy of Occam's razor – when faced with multiple explanations, the simplest is often correct. Equal1’s vision for quantum sees seamless integration into existing classical compute solutions and infrastructure.


Silicon Spin Qubits: The Path to Scalability


Equal1 is pioneering silicon spin qubits as the key to scalable quantum computing. Jason highlights that unlike some earlier technologies, silicon spin offers the best potential for control, measurement and scalability, thanks to recent advancements, like precise control of single electrons and the use of purified silicon. These make silicon spin qubits the most compelling technology for Quantum Computing.  


Integration for Real-Time Error Correction


Equal1, with expertise in system-on-chip processors, aims to overcome major integration and scalability hurdles. Core to Equal1's innovation lies in its approach to integration, particularly with error correction. By integrating error correction mechanisms directly within the qubit array, Equal1 is unlocking real-time error correction, a crucial step to enable practical quantum computing applications.


Compact Quantum Servers


Equal1 is building quantum servers that will integrate and operate within today's data centers, rather than requiring specialized facilities. Jason showcased Equal1’s breakthrough compact server, illustrating the company's dedication to a smooth integration into existing HPC environments.


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