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Senior Quantum Error Correction Researcher

We are seeking a dedicated Senior Quantum Error Correction Researcher to join our dynamic Algorithm team. This pivotal role blends rigorous expertise in quantum error correction with a passion for pushing the frontiers of quantum computing research from conceptual studies to real-world application. 


In this position, you will be responsible for customizing error correction codes to run natively on our hardware, ensuring their effective implementation within our quantum systems. You also will inform our hardware choices to facilitate the optimal execution of these codes. By working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams, you will play a crucial role in enhancing and expanding the capabilities of our quantum technology.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customize existing and develop new quantum error correction codes to run efficiently on the Equal1 qubit platform.

  • Drive the detailed design and implementation of the quantum processor, including analog and digital blocks, power management units, clocking systems, and off-chip interfaces.

  • Guide future qubit topology and platform design to facilitate error correction schemes.

  • Specify the requirements for our physical qubits and classical control devices to execute codes.

  • Collaborate effectively with hardware design teams to ensure requirements from both directions are fully communicated and understood.

  • Develop methods to scale up error correction codes to many logical qubits. 

  • Implement and simulate quantum error correction codes. 

  • Work with the rest of the algorithms team to implement logical algorithms on error correction codes. 

  • Contribute to the development of near-term applications using small error-detection codes and new mitigation techniques. 

  • Disseminate new results internally and externally through internal seminars and publications in international journals and conferences. 

  • Keep up to date with the state of the art in error correction and communicating this internally. 

Experience and Qualifications

  • PhD in a relevant field (e.g. Quantum Computing, Physics, Computer Science) or Postdoc/industry experience in quantum error correction or quantum algorithms. 

  • 5+ years coding experience.

  • A proven track record of relevant achievements (publication, preprints, public code). 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently, anticipate issues, and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

​If you are a highly motivated and experienced Quantum Error Correction Researcher looking for a new challenging and very rewarding role, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.


Note: This position will be involved with information protected under US export control laws and, therefore, the applicant must be compliant with these laws.

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