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Equal1 Delivers Quantum Computing Update to MIDAS Ireland

Equal1 hosted the April meeting of MIDAS Ireland, where we delivered an update on the latest developments in quantum computing. We take pride in our membership with MIDAS (Microelectronics Industry Design Assoc), a unique organization bringing together the best in industry, education, research, and government agencies to advance the electronics and semiconductor ecosystem within Ireland.

Brendan Barry Gives Equal1 Update to MIDAS Ireland

We believe that quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize many industries, unlock over 1 trillion in economic value, and contribute to a more sustainable world. From an Ireland perspective, quantum computing has the potential to double the current 50,000 tech-related roles in the next 10 years, creating a new wave of highly skilled positions.


At the event, we shared Equal1's strategy and provided a sneak peek at some of our recent breakthroughs. After five years of development and significant investment, Equal1 is strongly positioned as a leader in silicon quantum computing.


Strong alignment is essential from all players in the ecosystem to make quantum real – from innovative startups strongly supported by Enterprise Ireland to the already strong multinational companies in sectors such as banking and pharma. We also need strong alignment across the entire research ecosystem from universities to research centers, such as SFI's Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals (SSPC) and Enterprise Ireland's Centre for Applied AI (CeADAR) and the Irish Center for High End Computing (ICHEC).



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