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Scalable Quantum Architectures: The Vision and Promise of QUADRATURE Consortium

The IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), the flagship conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society, recently welcomed Dr. Elena Blokhina among other esteemed scholars. The attendees also included Eduard Alarcon, Fabio Sebastiano, Masoud Babaie, Edoardo Charbon, Peter Haring Bolívar, Maurizio Palesi, Dirk Leipold, R. Bogdan Staszewski, Artur Garcia, and Carmen G. Almudéver.

Quantum Computing pioneers have recently launched the QUADRATURE consortium, a collaborative research effort focused on developing multi-core quantum computers. The keynote address of the conference highlighted the groundbreaking research of QUADRATURE, which is exploring scalable multi-chip quantum architectures. QUADRATURE's mission is to engineer multi-core (QCores) quantum computers with the aid of RF coherent and classical chip interconnects, thereby propelling the emergence of the next wave of high-performance quantum computers. The goal is to develop new quantum architectures capable of handling millions of qubits. This state-of-the-art architecture is envisaged to be reconfigurable and adept at supporting diverse quantum algorithmic needs on a large scale.

Dr. Elena Blokhina, a renowned expert in micro- and nanosystems, systems-on-a-chip, and multi-physics systems, is responsible for delivering Equal1’s technological vision and strategy. As an Associate Professor and the coordinator of the Circuits and Systems Research Group at University College Dublin's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dr. Blokhina has left an indelible mark in her field. Her accomplishments include over 130 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, as well as two published books.


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