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Quantum Development Engineer

Main responsibilities for this role include the characterisation of quantum dots and spin qubits and developments of scalable quantum dots/qubits and qubit readout techniques.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to qubit technology development and overall laboratory management

  • Develop spin readout compatible with scalable quantum dot arrays

  • Contribute to development of scalable quantum dot arrays

  • Characterise quantum dots and spin qubits

  • Design and test circuits for spin qubit readout

  • Work in a team environment: liaise with the physics team and circuit designers to provide feedback and improve the qubit structures and qubit excitation and sensing systems and circuits 

Desired Experience and Qualifications

This position requires the following knowledge and experience:

  • Clear knowledge of semiconductor qubit architectures, particularly spin qubits 

  • Clear knowledge of RF electronics

  • Experience with Cadence, SPICE, circuit modelling 

  • Understanding of quantum dots and spin qubits, ability to program and solve relevant models 

  • Experience with a programming languages such as python or similar 

  • Experience with semiconductor device characterisation and quantum dot characterisation 

  • Experience with dilution fridge and cryogenic equipment

  • Experience with standard laboratory equipment (oscilloscopes, analysers, signal generators, etc.)

  • Experience with modelling and simulation of physical systems interpreting and analysing measured data

  • Communication skills, ability to work in a multi-disciplinary environment and communicate with a diverse team 


  • PhD degree or equivalent experience in a relevant scientific discipline with a proven track record in the field of quantum technologies and semiconductor technologies 


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