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Why Arm Cores Power Equal1's Quantum System-on-Chip (QSoc) Systems


Quantum computing is set to revolutionize multiple industries by providing an exponential increase in computing resources and is poised to create nearly $1.3 trillion in value by 2035, according to leading consultancy McKinsey. At Equal1, we are pioneering this revolution.

In this video, CEO Jason Lynch delves into how Arm cores are pivotal in powering Equal1's groundbreaking Quantum System-on-Chip (QSoc) systems.

A Quantum Leap with Equal1

Equal1 is the first company to develop qubits using standard CMOS processes. We have already developed three generations of quantum SoC hardware, the latest of which is a breakthrough server-sized quantum computer, which is one percent the size of the competition.

Arm Cores Powering Equal1 Quantum System-on-a-Chip

Equal1’s highly innovative Quantum System-on-Chip (QSoC) processors, powered by Arm IP technology, integrate entire quantum computing systems onto a single chip, merging millions of qubits, control systems, and real-time error correction capabilities. Our QSoC utilize Arm's Cortex A55 and Ethos U65 cores.

Why Arm?

Arm's comprehensive support and ecosystem have been instrumental in our decision to use its cores. The ARM ecosystem partnerships enable us to concentrate on the quantum challenges of our processor while leveraging ARM's established ecosystem for other system components.

In July 2023, Arm and Silicon Catalyst announced Equal1 as their "Silicon Startup Contest" winner among an incredibly strong field of applicants across a broad range of technologies and applications.


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